Quote of the Day

January 23, 2009

Quote of the Day

January 23, 2009

The Bitter Truth

December 1, 2006

Forget Bollywood and other ‘woods’, more than 80% of Hollywood movies are showing true lies and they are being portrayed into our lives . They didn’t think of other Holocausts happening arond the world. Why not broadcast a documentary film showing the brutal torture of the Abu Gharib prisoners or show the killings of the Iraqis? Why not they produce it commercially, just like the recent movie WTC?

I remember my friend insisted me to watch the film “Munich” some months ago. But,why? Because he believes in reality and watches movies that are war-based only. I showed him “Batman Begins” but that reality didn’t affected him. After watching “Behind the Enemy lines”, he was discussing with me how the direction of the film was in favour of Hollywood. I wonder how people take fiction to non-fiction.

To solve the puzzle, search for the largest peice.

The Importance of Batman

November 22, 2006

Thanks for giving me space!!! It was my object of desire to write in the spotlight. Amazon.com didn’t gave me any space for discussion till I make any purchase from their online portal. So, here I go!

The book The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told I saw in http://www.amazon.com changed completely! I was 10 years old when I brought that book; that was 16 years back and it remains a part of my soul. That age was the same when young Bruce was forced to witness the murder of his parents 20 years ago. After entering his soul, I found what are the fantasies and realiies of life.

The only thing that I did no like was the nude photo of Ra’s Al Ghul and the sex scene of Bruce and Talia the authors shown in the chapter- Son of the Demon. Children shouldn’t be subjected to such ultra- modern art.
The best story was Killer of the Ghost skies. I loved the encounter of the The Ghost of Von Hammers with Batman.

Waiting to hear from Batman’s fans!

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